Deadlift Dynamite by Andy Bolton and Pavel Tsatsouline

Deadlift DynamiteDeadlift Dynamite is a new strength training book written by Andy Bolton and Pavel Tsatsouline. The book will teach readers how to get strong, add muscle mass and lower their risk of injury. It’s simple to read and caters for beginners, intermediates and advanced lifters.

Andy Bolton is a multiple world champion in the sport of powerlifting, a multiple world record holder in the squat and arguably the most successful deadlifter of all time. His friend, Pavel Tsatsouline, is an amazing strength and conditioning coach. They both have already written very successful books. Pavel himself had a Number 2 bestseller on with his book Naked Warrior.

After the squat, the deadlift is the most effective movement that you can do in the gym. Epitomizing the term “compound movement,” it uses nearly every muscle in your entire body, from your traps all the way down to your calves. Bodybuilders, competitive lifters, and many other athletes have long used this movement to build brute strength, pack on muscle mass, and improve their overall athletic performance.

It is one of the best movements for building overall strength and muscle mass, as well as for improving everyday and sport-specific performance. If you are not performing this movement, you are not realizing your full muscle building potential.

Deadlifting injuries commonly spring from faulty lifting form and technique. Some of the most common deadlifting injuries include herniated disc, neck/trap strains, hamstring tears, glute tears, and pulled abdominal muscles. Deadlifting is a type of exercise that really requires proper form and technique; otherwise the lifter will suffer from all kinds of body pain.

Deadlift Dynamite will teach you how to do deadlifting training more effectively and more safely. The first section of Deadlift Dynamite “How to Lift”, provides a safe, progressive, technically-detailed plan on how to get started right in the iron game, avoid the typical mistakes and years of frustration, and see extraordinary results in even the first year of training.

The second section “How to Lift More” is aimed at the experienced lifter. Pavel and Andy go into great detail describing the deeper subtleties of world-class deadlift technique and teach you state of the art assistance exercises.

Overall, inside Deadlift Dynamite book you’ll discover:

  • How to build a massive deadlift using proven strength techniques
  • A step-by-step beginner’s plan for getting started in the iron game and effortlessly getting big and STRONG
  • How to carry on getting STRONGER, year after year, even if you are an intermediate or advanced lifter
  • Assistance exercises to take your strength and muscle mass to the next level
  • How to build enough speed and explosive power to dominate in any hard-core sport
  • Secrets for easily smashing your bench press and squat PR’s
  • How to minimize your injury risk and ensure your strength training longevity

Deadlift Dynamite is the ultimate “How To” guide for building a huge deadlift, adding slabs of granite-hard muscle to your body, smashing your bench and squat PR’s and bullet-proofing yourself against injury. This book has the power to change your strength training career forever. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced athlete – this book will show you how to get a lot STRONGER.

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